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Steve w Sign_KNB6557TColor WebThe process of selling a home has many considerations. Whether you are selling your first home or have had many transactions, the process is always met with excitement, great anticipation and some level of uncertainty.

Steve believes that any discussion about the selling process eventually comes down the term value.”

A few words about value:

If you are a homeowner, considering selling your home, what you want is “value” or your monies worth for the services and advice you get from the respective professional that you hire…in essence do they know what to do to take action and can they tell you what you need to hear in order for you to sell your property.

If you are a realtor seeking to create the maximum amount of exposure for the property you are trying to sell, you want “value” or impact from your daily activities…in other words are you really doing the things that work in order to sell a property for the highest price possible, in the quickest time available and the least amount of problems…

Scenario: Homeowner wants to sell property and buy another one. Homeowner wants $220,000 as a price for the property. All future plans are made based on selling the property at $220,000. Suppose the market value is only $200,000…could this impact everything you do and wouldn’t you want to know…

What is market value?

Remember that the market value is determined on a few keys things; mainly the location of a property, also the list of features and benefits that the property has to offer and most importantly how much the buyer is willing to pay for these.

Ideally what every seller wants is a qualified and motivated buyer, and what every motivated buyer wants is to buy from a motivated seller. The market value is established when these two get together.

Steve believes that anyone that is seeking answers about this process is best dealt with in terms of straight talk and backed by solid service.
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